Business process optimization for the insurance sector.

We’re helping to shape the future of the insurance industry, optimizing end-to-end operational processes to enable our clients to free their time to focus on what’s next.

What we do

Freeing up valuable time and resources.

Committed to helping our clients stay ahead of competition, we understand that businesses need to strengthen their back office administration to enable them to focus on growth efforts that can be slowed down by the time-consuming operational tasks that reduce their valuable time and resources.

Working within the insurance sector, we provide services to our clients providing back office support including: 

  • Insurance quotes services
  • Certificate of Insurance services
  • Document Indexing & Filing
  • Loss Run Processing
  • Policy Checking
  • Renewal Exposure Summary
  • Claims
  • Invoicing
  • Billing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Forensic Accounting.

Our Process

End-to-end process support and optimization.​

Focused on the insurance industry, our expertise enables us to take an in-depth, comprehensive approach to providing business process management solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives, increasing profitability, improving customer service and maintaining compliance whilst reducing waste to improve operational performance.


We work directly with our client’s teams, conducting discovery and brainstorm sessions to understand their business needs, identifying opportunities by analyzing the most impacted areas within their business. During this session, we prioritize the operations that can be easily enhanced to offer instantaneous returns, formulating a strategy for success.


With the chosen road-map strategy in place we provide an adoption session. During this period, our resources undergo intensive training where our teams work very closely with our clients to perform continuous trials and testing to ensure seamless transition from their hands to ours.


Once our solution is fully implemented, VDart BPM will continue to support our clients throughout their journey and scale up the revenue growth to maintain trajectory and ensure success.

Our difference

Why our clients choose us.

Our customized, dedicated approach creates intimate knowledge of the culture, standards and systems, so that together we can optimize operational excellence for our clients.

Low cost

Our model is very competitive, providing lower overhead costs to offer a viable solution to our clients, regardless of the scale of their business and budget.

Increased speed

Our industry specific expertise enables us to work at speed with agility and precision to implement solutions and transform businesses quickly.

Increased efficiency

We work with our clients to provide the right strategy for their business needs and timeframe, enabling them to efficiently capitalize on the identified opportunities.

Ready to embrace the future?