Investing in People and Culture.

To thrive and stay relevant in this competitive business environment, it is crucial to invest in the people – that makes all the difference.

Table of Contents

Purpose, People and Planet beyond Profits

As an organization, our purpose is our compass to craft our people policies, business strategies and also our commitment to the society and planet. In 2019, thanks to the priceless mentoring opportunity we gained from Accenture through their Diverse Supplier Development Program (DSDP), we were able to develop our Sustainability Roadmap, becoming the first organization in Trichy to commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We adopted and implemented five out of the 17 goals, developing our ESG policies and practices based on the 5 UN SDGs. Our undeterred, purpose-driven focus on ESG early on has helped us take intentional steps towards reducing our carbon footprints and we aim to be Net Zero by 2050. 

Purpose People Planet - VDart

Our Culture

We are today an organization with offices in Atlanta, GA  and Austin, TX besides offices in India, Malaysia, Canada, Costa Rica and the UAE serving clients across the world from Japan to Mexico.   

Our purpose has been pivotal in building a culture that is rooted in our values. These values derived from our founder, have been the hallmark of our success in business and in driving our purpose. 

Our growth has been led by a culture of excellence in delivering our commitment to our clients, while being invested in our People’s development. Our stories reflect the value we aim to provide our clients, wanting to create a lasting impact. 

Our learning and mentoring programs for our people have been led by this deep sense of wanting to see our people grow with us as leaders who are led by thoughts and actions that uphold our integrity, championing innovation and an enterprising mindset.

Our flagship people development programs like the SOAR Mentoring Program for Women, PROPEL Leadership Mentoring Initiative for the next-gen leaders and IGNITE for the emerging leaders are driven by various functions each with a distinct objective and outcome.

 We have partnered with premier business schools in India for our women in VDart, India aiming to see them grow as leaders.This is also one of our UN SDG commitments- to have 35% women employees in leadership roles by 2025 which was the driving force behind our momentous initiative in 2019 – the Global Women Leadership Initiative (GWLI) founded by Sidd, our VP People and Strategy – Oliver Sam and our executive board member, Veronica Moldonado-Torres.

The Global Women Leadership Initiative (GWLI)

GWLI has been a game changer for our incredible women employees conducting workshops, webinars , facilitating and running mentoring programs progressed all these years by aligning all programs with our four key pillars.

  • Personal and Professional Growth Development
  • Mentoring and Sponsoring
  • Visibility and Storytelling
  • A culture where Women can Thrive

Celebrating People and Success

One of our unique Culture Rituals is our celebration of our successes and appreciation of our people. Our renowned annual Rewards and Recognitions Program (RNR) is a 2 day extravaganza held in Trichy where all our leaders and employees from across the globe converge in Trichy for a unique experience of being rewarded for their passion, values and their wins. 

This is a humongous event where our employees are felicitated not by our leaders but by their proud families who stand shoulder to shoulder on stage proudly giving away awards to their children or grandchildren, spouses or siblings, mothers or fathers. The joy on their faces is what we see as a culmination of our purpose of transforming lives and expressing our gratitude to those families who entrust their dear ones to us. 

Our Credos

ARISE, our powerful credo and value system guiding our purpose-driven organization, stands for “Action, Respect, Inspire, Serve, and Empower.”

Our firm belief in and commitment to our twelve core values within ARISE, drive us toward achieving our purpose, defining what makes us who we are, and enabling us to thrive as a purpose-driven, ethical, and connected as one– VDart


  • Thoughtful Bias for Action
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity .. In Everything We Do


  • We Treat People with Respect and Courtesy
  • We celebrate Success


  • We Drive Performance through Inspiration
  • We are Storytellers  –  How We Impact Our Stakeholders and Our People


  • Enterprise Thinking
  • Clarity and Simplicity


  • We are Invested in Our People’s Development
  • We Fearlessly Champion Big Ideas and Diligently Get Things Done
  • We Drive Proactive and Intentional Change
1. Thoughtful Bias for Action:

We are committed to act with a strong sense of urgency and are driven by purpose.

2. Collaboration:

We act together by assuming positive intent of others actions, shared purpose and create a positive impact.

3. Integrity .. In Everything We Do :

We always act with integrity in everything we do.

4. Clarity and Simplicity:

We offer, seek clarity and simplify things.

5. We celebrate Success:

We value the efforts of everyone and celebrate success as OneVDart

6. We Treat People with Respect and Courtesy:

We always treat people with respect and courtesy.

7. We Drive Performance through Inspiration:

We exemplify performance and inspire people to outperform.

8. Enterprise Thinking:

We always act in the best interest of VDart

9. We are Invested in Our People’s Development:

We invest time, effort to learn and help others to learn.

10. We Drive Proactive and Intentional Change:

We embrace change and commit our actions towards growth.

11. We Fearlessly Champion Big Ideas and Diligently Get Things Done:

We dare to dream. Our grit and thoughful diligence drive us to champion our ideas and create a bigger impact.

12. We are Storytellers ~ How We Impact Our Stakeholders and Our People:

A good untold story is as good as a story that never happened. We intentionally bring out the success stories of every one of us to inspire all of us.