Redefining mobility.​

VGO™ enables OEMs, dealerships, and fleet owners to provide mobility and digital key solutions to customers around the world through ground-breaking app solutions.

Mobility & Fleet Management

A new mobility ecosystem.

Developed for the automotive industry, VGO™ is a next level mobility and fleet management system providing you with all the features and solutions you need to successfully manage and grow your business.

Manage Inventory

Our innovative, global in-car experiences, mobile suite, and online system give you a robust all-in-one solution to manage your fleet, streamline vehicle management, and efficiently automate your rental process.

Share Digital Key

Activate our proprietary digital key solution in any compatible vehicle to provide a convenient connected experience for customers and employees to securely use and share digital keys.

Track Vehicle Status

Recover costs incured by customers for tolls, fuel, and damage. Track vehicle status automatically, including mileage, battery and fuel levels, engine, tire pressure, recalls, and vehicle maintenance.

Set Employee Access

Give your employees specific access rights to support customer onboarding, manage inventory and customers base, track vehicle maintenance, and get time-based use of digital keys.

Rent Your Fleet

With a robust mobile app suite and white label solution, you can now rent out your fleet to customers around the world under your brand name and through our global app for expanded reach.

Monitor Analytics

Grow your business and optimize revenue with advanced data analytics for all your vehicles, customers, and sales. Filter and export by location, dealership, vehicle model, and much more.

Mobility & Fleet Apps

Customized apps.

Get instant access to your own app suite and white label solution, enabling you to manage and rent out your fleet to global customers with pioneering features and digital key sharing.


Fleet App & Online System

All-in-one solution to manage your fleet and grow your business.


Branded Rental App

White label solution to rent your fleet to customers under your brand name.


Global Rental App

Offer access to your fleet through our global app for expanded reach.

Ready to embrace the future?