Our vision is to touch the lives of all associated with us to create success, wealth, and enhance the quality of life. We believe that any individual is capable of making this vision come true.


This is why we not only evaluate internship applications based on GPA and standardized test results, we also look at the character, the mindset, and the ambition of the student.

What we do

VDart Internship Program

Every year VDart scout for the brightest of minds for the VDart Internship Program to help grow and develop young talent. We provide hands-on training and guidance in the student’s respective academic fields. For current high school students, we consult with the corresponding counselors to maximize the internship benefits through credits, letters of recommendation, certifications, and project experience. We also provide paid internships on a case to case basis, which includes standard benefits and flexibility between part-time and full-time internships.

What we provide


We provide internships to students interested in Business Fundamentals, Mathematics, Computer Science/Engineering, Marketing & Communications.


What The Interns Do

The Internship Program at VDart allows its interns to learn aforementioned technologies at a rapid pace while performing projects to refine their learning. In the internship, they will also be provided guidance by experienced mentors to lead them down the right paths. Our interns have worked on a variety of projects ranging from game development using Python, a mobile app and web dashboard that helps candidates with their onboarding process that were built using ReactJS and React Native, a web app that connects small businesses with users that was built using ReactJS and MeteorJS, and a lot of other powerful, beautifully developed applications.


The Internship Journey

The Internship Program will last for 3 months, and through it, the interns will have a guided learning process, tailored to their needs and interests in technology and programming. Towards the end of the program, interns will be given a capstone project, which will be a large project designed to display and showcase all of the knowledge that they have collected during their 3 month learning journey at VDart.


Interns Connect with Us

" Vision to Create a Success & Quality of Life "

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