Talent Acquisition: Challenges And Solutions

Talent Acquisition: Challenges And Solutions

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There are 69% of corporations in the United States, struggling to find top talents for their business.

The stress and strain involved in the hiring process is gruesome, especially with the amount of pressure that the hiring managers take. It can lead to hiring lackluster or unfilled job positions for your company, leading to huge costs and losses for the business.

There are multiple reasons why most HR and talent acquisition teams fail to hire qualified candidates.

This blog broadly highlights some of the common challenges of talent acquisition along with a proven solution. So let’s dive in and solve the talent acquisition challenges.

Solutions for talent acquisition challenges

1. Showcase and centralize your 5 C’s.

Challenge: The pandemic completely soaked the recruitment industry into a highly competitive market. As a reflection of the current scenario, identifying a top talent has become an intimidating task for the TA team.

Solution: It is important to advertise and peak your 5 C’s.

  • Credibility: Display your brand reputation, and showcase your strong commitment and brand power.
  • Compensation: Come up with a competitive salary along with the benefits of working in your organization.
  • Culture: Highlight your organization’s mission, vision, and perks for sure.
  • Commitment: Mention your organization’s long-term plans and strategies.
  • Challenge: Throw some light on your company’s expectations in achieving goals, deliverables, and related outcomes.

2. Enhance your passive possibilities with social media:

Challenge: The job market has become as challenging as ever before. Most hiring managers still heavily rely on the traditional method of recruiting candidates. Counting on saturated job boards and allocating inter-resources is going to work, but it dilutes the efforts, time, and money!

Solution: According to a recent stat from LinkedIn, job seekers on LinkedIn have a 71% higher chance of getting a job interview. Another stat reveals that LinkedIn has 310 million active users per month.

So, make use of social media platforms to make your hiring process smooth and impactful. Perhaps then, identifying qualified candidates could be a smooth experience for you.

3. Choose and experiment with different modes of engagement.

Challenge: The recruiting professionals have to go through a lot before they get into the hiring process. In particular, communicating with the standard industry practices.

Solution: A recent survey suggests that, by 2030, 75% of the workforce will be millennials. Presently, the majority of millennials choose to text over calls. Gen Z ain’t different from the millennial generation.

So, stick with the trends and get going with industrial practice. Ask the candidate for their preferred mode of communication and benefit from the higher success rate.

4. Identify the compensation balance

Challenge: Keeping the turnovers in mind, employers tend to hire candidates who prefer to join with a low pay scale. Initially, it might seem like a good hire in the initial period, but ultimately, this ineffective approach leads to spending more time, money, and resources.

Solution: Compared to the high-quality candidates, the employer is going to spend more money, which includes the cost of hiring, onboarding, and processing time. Plus, it’s going to take a big toll if the hiring is unsuccessful, replaced, or fired. Hence it’s better to hire a highly qualified and better talent than to lose more revenue on an average candidate.

5. Hire a staffing partner

Challenge: Employers allocate their internal resources for hiring qualified candidates. The problem begins when the internal HRs have very limited access to the talent pools and not enough bandwidth to source activities.

Solution: Opting for an outsourced recruiting firm is always the best choice because a staffing partner can be effective in accessing an ‘n’ number of candidates at short notice. And they can step in and quickly understand the company’s requirements and provide the deliverables quickly.

One of the biggest reasons why top-notch companies prefer VDart over other staffing partners is commitment. When it comes to staffing, we provide our full support to our clients in accomplishing technologies, finding qualified candidates, and fulfilling business objectives. Above all, we provide long-term value to our client’s businesses. Get in touch with us!

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