• Moving our

    future forward.

    We’re global technology and staffing company helping organizations reimagine their businesses to develop award-winning technologies and workforce solutions.

  • Toyota

    Diverse Supplier of the Year - IT 2022.

    Thank you, Toyota, for awarding Dimiour with the award for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Minority Status

    Certified & Proud

    VDart is proud to be partnered with NMSDC, GMSDC, DFWMSDC and CAMSC

  • Reimagining business

    in the digital age.

    We’re shaping the future of innovation, providing business solutions that help our clients solve challenges and create opportunities using new digital technologies.

  • VDart Strategic


    VDart partners with industry leaders in Cloud, Intelligent Automation, IoT, Customer Experience and Security solutions.

What we do

Your platform for success.

Being one of the USA’s top business consulting services, we support businesses by solving complex challenges and creating new opportunities. We are a specialist digital consulting firm driving the change to provide our clients across the globe with a platform for success.

We guide businesses looking to adopt complete digital transformation by building digital and emerging technology solutions with our clients to solve challenges and ignite new opportunities.

We are a digital consulting company that believes in technology-enabled transformations to create changes that matter. Our expertise helps our clients find, recruit, and place specialized talents, ensuring that they succeed in their journey today and in the future.

Creating a digital business framework by analyzing, testing, iterating, and monitoring results over time ensure success and growth. Our business consulting services go beyond our client’s needs. We ensure that we provide a digital roadmap and enable our clients to make the right decisions for success.

How we can help you

Reinventing the future.

Constantly evolving, our expertise in connecting people, processes, and technology helps our clients in building the right solutions for current needs and future growth.

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