13th VDart Rewards And Recognition Ceremony- Celebrating, Appreciating, And Rewarding People

13th VDart Rewards And Recognition Ceremony- Celebrating, Appreciating, And Rewarding People

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Our genesis lies in our people; they make the most significant distinction for us. We go the extra mile for our people to celebrate, appreciate, recognize and empower them for their continuous effort in the presence of their friends and family by rewarding them through the hands of their parents, who we believe are our biggest supporters, guests of honor and the reason for their success.

This 13th VDart RNR was no different. We had a grand celebration and witnessed special rewards, recognition, and appreciation moments. Here’s a quick recap:

The Magnificient Introduction

What’s an evening without a sound and grand introduction. Our Founder and CEO, Sidd Ahmed, was at the forefront of affairs, giving us all a warm introduction and reception to the evening.

What’s more, he also had a spectacular entry.


The Warm Audience, host, and leaders

We had the company of our most precious guests, our extended family, who made the perfect audience, and an excellent host, VJ Parvathy, who was ever-cheerful and kept the energy in high spirits.

The hospitality, encouragement, and support from our illustrious VDart leaders and our special guest Nedra Dickson, Managing Director, Accenture, added to the shine of the event.

Culture and Diversity

Culture and diversity are embedded in our DNA.

We go the extra mile to honor our culture, and this RNR witnessed a blend of entertainment with some fantastic music and dance performance by our very own VDartians.


What’s more, we also launched our very own VDart song to celebrate the VDart identity and radiate our purpose, culture, and people.

The Rewards and Recognition Ceremony

The Rewards and Recognition ceremony was the main highlight of the evening. At VDart, we value the efforts of everyone and celebrate success as one big VDart family had some special awards like:-

The Rising Star Award

A special award is given to all the emerging talents in the VDart family who have shown excellent progress in their respective roles. This RNR, we recognized more than 61 emerging performers from all the teams across the VDart group of companies.

The Star Performer Award

The star performer award recognizes people who have been with the VDart family for a considerable time, have continuously excelled at their roles, and have shown valuable results, and it was a delight to have 65-star performers.

The Top 20 Recruiters Award

Our recruiting community is our backbone. The Top 20 Recruiters award recognizes such employees who have made exceptional closures in an annual year.

The Most Valuable Player Award

The Most Valuable Player award is one of the most prestigious and is given to all the exemplary performers who lead the journey of growth for VDart and themselves. This year 15 of our leading performers received this award.

The CREDO Award

The CREDO award recognizes employees who have embraced our CREDO values and happen to take action, show respect, inspire, serve and empower others to follow in the same footstep to enhance the quality of life. This year the CREDO award was received by 13 members of the VDart family.

The Special Awards

One of the most significant contributors to our growth is our support for championing ideas. We always encourage new ideas and recognize talent. The special awards were dedicated to all the emerging business leaders who drove growth for VDart with new business ideas.

The Revenue and S&R Awards

We always recognize the empowerers who go above and beyond to accomplish their goals. The revenue awards are given in recognition of the outstanding accomplishments achieved by the individuals in securing higher revenue.

The S&R award recognized the teams that top the overall performance in generating top sales in IT-enabled services.

The High-Value Awards

Driving business results is what sustains our growth, and it is impossible to create such an impact without the contributions of the amazing people who put in their outstanding effort. The High-value award was given to the team that topped the overall performance by creating high business value.

The Headcount-Wise Topper Awards

We consistently recognize recruiters who go above and beyond to deliver excellence for their teams with their performance. The headcount-wise topper awards are dedicated to all the top performers who lead the performance of their teams.


That’s a quick wrap and a walk down memory lane for all the beautiful memories of VDart RNR’22. We are already looking forward to the following year’s RNR!

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