The client is professional services firm with offerings within digital technologies, data analytics and artificial intelligence. The core solutions they are focused on are cloud, software- as-a-service, blockchain, mobility computing, robotic process automation, visualization, data engineering, big data, IoT, machine learning and data science AI. Founded in 1966 in Gurgaon India, the organization currently has over 70,000 employees and revenues exceeding $2 billion. This client is currently one of the largest technology providers in the world with competitors including Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant.

End Client Overview:

The end client is part of one of the largest pharmaceutical chains in North America. The client specializes in rescription benefit management. By 1998 the client had become one of the largest physician practice management (PPM) companies in the world. As of 2018 the client’s revenue is $184.8 billion with 60% of it in Pharmacy benefit management, 29.4% in prescription drug sales, and 11% in over the counter medicine. The client provides Pharmacy Benefit management to over 2,000 plans, including corporations, managed care organizations, insurance companies, unions and government entities.

The Situation:

Through our System Integrator partners, VDart was engaged with the client in providing technical support for its customer service applications through its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The ramp-up constituted staffing 40 technical positions including roles such as Program Manager, Delivery Manager, Desktop Specialists, and Helpdesk Specialists.

Due to the geographical location, the region lacked the quantity of qualified technical resources. These positions also historically had a high rate of attrition.

The Solution:

We were able to quickly identify our challenges and created several approaches with the client. We provided the client with our most experienced and talented team to make sure we would finish the job with the best quality as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also added our own personal investments to relocate our team to the client’s location in order to ensure that this project succeeds. We provided technical support for its customer service applications and specified a multi-phase, 30-60-90 day ramp-up of its state-of-the-art infrastructure support team. We also used trailblazing techniques to get the best out of the local area marketplace and created a specialized oset support team to ensure every delivery was moving quickly and efficiently.

The Result:

We were able to offer the client a seamless transition by providing the exact talent and skills needed for this project. VDart successfully staffed the adequate numbers of resources based on the staffing plan for 30/60/90 days; rigorous compliance to KPI/SLA’s was achieved via Incremental ramp-up of 40 resources within a span of 30-60 days.


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