The client is one of the world’s leading global consulting firms, offering professional services in: strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations services. A global, Fortune 500 company, the client has grossed revenues in excess of $35 billion. Their business is structured around five operating groups: Media & Technology, Financial Services, Health & Public Services, Products, and Resources.

End Client Overview:

The end client is one of the largest integrated managed care consortiums in the United States with over 12 million health plan members, 22,000 physicians, 54,000 nurses, 39 medical centers, and 720 medical facilities. With $72 billion in revenue, the end client places a strong emphasis on preventative care and has been rated 4 out of 4 stars in National Standards of Care.

The Situation:

The client, being a systems integrator, was in the midst of a huge ramp up wherein they needed resources in Desktop Support, Customer Billing, and Claims Management to serve the needs of their end customer. The project was quite challenging because of the timeframe and the limited availability of experienced talent in a remote city such as Knoxville, Tennessee. Quite frankly the labor force that was required did not exist in that specific market, however, the client knew we had talents in sourcing and as a result of which they partnered with us and gave us this challenge. Understanding the task ahead, we proceeded with the realization that delivering this project could have an empirical impact on the economic development of the city.

The Solution:

A ramp-up of this size required a large team of recruiters, a set of special procedures, quality submissions, speedy execution, and innovative recruiting processes. To further meet the client’s needs, we developed a rural sourcing solution utilizing clerks at local convenience stores, coffee shop baristas, and anyone in the area. We were sure to hone in our efforts on those who possessed a great work ethic and a hunger to learn. Souring in this such a rural location, proved to be one of our largest challenges. The candidates that we were able to initially able to locate were not available on local portals, and they were already committed to the positions that were in. At that time, we had to use other methods, such as asking for referrals, marketing through local community colleges and local advertisements. Our strategy was simple; network with the community to meet our client’s goals.

Since they were untrained, we had to train the resources in the necessary technologies/ BPO skills that were required. After they were trained, and they were up to our satisfaction, we deployed to the client. During this time, our HR team was on-site completing the onboarding. We offloaded this time-consuming hurdle from the client’s shoulders, freeing up their time to focus on other tasks.

 We notified the client within 1 business days of candidate acceptances. We provided information for client enablement immediately upon offer acceptance. Our contracts team provided regular updates around candidate status (Background Check Progress, Withdrawal Notices, & Start Date Change Requests). From the beginning of this project all the way till the end, there was a call every week to handle any escalations. At the end of week 6, we were at zero escalation.

The Result:

VDart made a significant contribution to the client, resulting in the following business performance: We met and exceeded our client’s aggressive recruiting targets for 2015 (Q2, Q3, Q4) & 2016 Q1. We were able to secure candidates interviews with less than one business day of notice, enabling our customer to fulfill their monthly hiring requirements on time. In total, we scheduled 400+ candidates to interview in Knoxville. These interviews resulted in 250+ offers/accepts, with greater than 50% candidate approval. It is because of this creative process, resources, and time spent VDart was named the number one supplier by the client. We changed the trajectory of over 250+ lives, and delivered VDart’s vision of increasing the success, wealth, and quality of life of all those in which we encounter. The success of this mission built trust within our client and also opened doors for future endeavors.


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