Contract staffing and placement services by VDart

Contract-to-hire services by VDart provide a period of testing to see if a temporary or contract employee is a long-term fit in terms of skill set and personality. Our staff manages the recruitment and selection process for enterprises, saving them time and money.

Contract staffing and placement services by VDart

VDart’s recruitment team aims to provide the optimum blend of professionals with niche skills and competencies where and when they are most needed. We can help you fill open, direct recruitment positions that offer several benefits to your organization and candidates.

Efficient contract staffing services for enterprises

We are one of the top contract staffing firms in the US. For over thirteen years, VDart has been offering highly specialized technical contingent, contract professionals to our customers. When it comes to finding temporary employees, we follow a strict procedure. We adhere to a set of rules that are specific to the contract position and industry demands.

Understanding Contractual staffing services

Contract staffing is short-term recruitment of workers, not permanent staff. Contractors can expand their core team without the financial burden of full-time hiring. Contractors can work on an ad hoc or advisory basis, as members or as leaders of a temporary project team or on a contract basis. If your company needs a full-time job but has difficulty getting your top candidates to accept it, a contract employee job is the perfect solution. Contractual staffing services provide consistency and balance to your monthly peaks and valleys, enable you to be more selective with PERM requirements, and give you full access to solution providers and your customers.

Benefits of contract staffing services by VDart

The use of contractor services by VDart means that companies do not have to worry about the time-consuming aspects of hiring new employees. Since we take over the process of finding, vetting, and recommending the best candidates as well as payroll and onboarding when desired makes the whole onboarding process easier for our clients. Since temporary workers are employed by VDart, employers can get rid of all the paperwork and yet be compliant with all the regulations. Clients can also avoid the wage and staffing problems associated with short periods of employment by making interns and contractors employees of the HR company or by turning contract employees into back offices.
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