How To Attract Cybersecurity Professionals To Your Organization?

How To Attract Cybersecurity Professionals To Your Organization?

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Our world is not the same as it was a decade ago; connected systems have become integral to our life.

From healthcare and financial institutions to businesses, sensitive data is stored in the cloud to allow access to various applications and users from anywhere. Having information easily accessible for systems and users is a must, but this can also make it accessible to hackers and threats.

This is why organizations and governments are always looking for ways to build and improve their cybersecurity to stop and mitigate cyber-attacks.

A recent article found cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks. The networks being hacked aren’t those that are left open or vulnerable; these are networks that have been fortified through cybersecurity measures. No organization is immune to cyberattacks.

The most prominent cybersecurity challenge organizations face finding talented candidates who can do the work.

Why finding talented Cybersecurity professionals is difficult?

Finding Cybersecurity talent is hard these days, and it’s only going to get worse. Studies have shown that by 2025 the number of job openings for Cybersecurity will skyrocket to 3.5 Million. But, only around 2 Million of those openings are likely to be filled.

Cybersecurity isn’t necessarily hard to learn, but it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing threats. Candidates must keep themselves updated on digital technology, be prepared for today’s threats, and anticipate the cyberattacks that could happen next.

Individuals with CISSP certification, which is required for many top-level Cybersecurity jobs, can easily land a role with the highest pay in the industry.

How to attract the talents?

With the number of cybersecurity job openings increasing, organizations are struggling to find talented candidates for the role, either if they look to hire internally or through a third-party agency.

But, it is not impossible.

Importance to potential

When hiring for Cybersecurity roles, sometimes it is necessary to look at the candidate’s potential and balance it with their experience.

Not all the candidates whom you look to hire might have a cybersecurity background; they might have come from various roles in Information Technology, which could add value since they have skills across the IT spectrum.

Focusing on years of experience or even certificates will yield candidates with the proper paper credentials but organizations need to dig deeper. Asking the correct interview questions can help you locate individuals with practical knowledge on the subject.

In your interviews, be sure to focus on a candidate’s suitability for the position. Find out what they have been doing, not how they have been doing it for many years.

Proper training

Organizations should think about continually upskilling their personnel because, according to more than half of those polled, a cybersecurity degree is a “nice to have” attribute, not a “must have.”

During the pandemic, skill sets became even more critical to firms’ talent strategies. This is particularly true for Cybersecurity, an area that is continuously bombarded by new and evolving cyber threats.

The assurance of career-specific training is essential for luring new and keeping seasoned employees, regardless of whether a firm is searching internally or externally for talent.

It is simpler to keep your current security personnel up to date with emerging threats and techniques thanks to the development of certification and other skill-building programs.

Upskilling current employees allows the organization to spend less on hiring new candidates. Which, considering the current economic state, could be a smart move.

Highlight your Brand

Candidates love to work and evolve where they feel they have the potential to grow. Bring out your employer brand and express why working with your organization could be a great choice.

Ensure you have a concise job description that doesn’t have fields unrelated to Cybersecurity. Flexibility in work hours and paid holidays are what the candidates value when looking for a new role.

Highlighting the advantages of a career with your company, including the chance to tackle complex challenges, working in a very dynamic area, and playing a crucial role in the company, helps them build trust and increase their willingness to give more.

Cybersecurity is a field that is already very stressful for candidates, and sometimes, not even a higher paycheck could be enough to attract or retain candidates. If companies don’t treat them well, they will lose them. Companies need to fulfill the candidates’ expectations.

Know where to look

To get the best Cybersecurity candidates, you must look beyond your usual resource pools and branch into new ventures. Cybersecurity, much like art, is a field of creatives.

You can find quality candidates by attending events that are focused on Cybersecurity. Hackathon events are some of the best events to attend, which could also be a venue for meeting people with extraordinary Cybersecurity skills. With enough resources, hosting your own cybersecurity events could also attract talent.


The demand for highly skilled Cybersecurity candidates is not going to slow down. Organizations need to step up their game and be strategic in preparing plans for any impending cyber threats. They must ensure they have the tools to upskill their present candidates or have a recruitment plan to effectively find new candidates.

We at VDart help find, recruit, and place specialized talents for our clients, ensuring they succeed in their journey today and in the future.

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