VDart Celebrates Five Consecutive Wins, Receives National Supplier of the Year Class IV Award from NMSDC

“People, Purpose, Planet is our guiding Northstar. Our vision is to positively impact people's lives, creating success, wealth, and an enhanced quality of life,” said Sidd Ahmed, President and Group CEO of VDart, while receiving the award.

Baltimore, MD – November 01, 2023 – VDart, a leading global staffing firm providing cutting-edge talent management solutions, proudly announced its fifth consecutive win within a short span of two months, receiving the esteemed National Supplier of the Year Class IV award at the NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange Award Ceremony held on October 25, 2023, in Baltimore.

The National Supplier of the Year awards, presented annually at the NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange, recognize minority business enterprises (MBEs) for their business growth, operational success, support for other minority businesses, and active community engagement. This year, the conference spanned four days, featuring engaging sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities at the Baltimore City Convention Center in Maryland.

“I cannot think of a better way to end what has been an inspiring and action-driven 2023 Annual Conference & Exchange and MBDA National MED Week than by recognizing the accomplishments of the people and organizations that are leading the way in our march to $1 trillion in annual revenue generation for NMSDC-certified MBEs. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. I look forward to working with you as we continue our efforts to close the equity gap and accelerate MBE growth,” said NMSDC President and CEO Ying McGuire.

The honorees for the National Supplier of the Year awards are categorized based on annual sales, with VDart winning the Class IV award nationally. The National Supplier of the Year – Class IV award recognizes MBEs who consistently deliver outstanding products and services to their customers, with annual sales exceeding $50 million.

This award marks VDart Group of Companies’ fifth consecutive win within a short span of two months, following the GMSDC award, CAMSC recognition, and USPAAC SE Awards.

“The NMSDC National Supplier of the Year Award is one of the most challenging and prestigious,” noted Sidd Ahmed, President and CEO of VDart Group of Companies, upon receiving this award for the second time since 2017. Attributing this tremendous success to his dedicated team, he added, “The journey from one person to over 4,000 people has been incredible. Starting this path at the peak of the recession in 2007, becoming minority certified in 2010, and achieving Corporate Plus status – all of this would not have been possible without these folks.”

It’s worth noting that Sidd Ahmed was recognized earlier this month with the 2023 Eagle Award by GMSDC for his unwavering commitment to the economic development, advancement, and growth of opportunities for MBEs in Georgia.

Led by the Eagle Award honoree, VDart has truly championed technical workforce solutions and talent management while offering unwavering support to the MBE community, making it a deserving recipient of the award. With a global presence that encompasses all 50 US states and regions across EMEA, LATAM, APAC, and North America, VDart has demonstrated its expertise, a strong organizational learning culture, and diversified business lines on an international scale. Its strategically located offices across continents, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, the UK, Belgium, the UAE, Malaysia, Australia, and India, further underscore its remarkable reach and impact.

VDart’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible business conduct sets a benchmark for the company to stay ahead of the curve in its respective industries. The recent Bronze Medal Certification from EcoVadis is a testament to the company’s commitment to benefiting both the business and its people, positioning VDart among the top 50% of organizations worldwide in terms of sustainability and fulfilling its obligations as a socially responsible entity.

“People, Purpose, Planet is our guiding Northstar. Our vision is to positively impact people’s lives, creating success, wealth, and an enhanced quality of life,” said Sidd, highlighting the company’s mission while expressing his gratitude for this success to NMSDC, GMSDC, Margo from DFWMSDC, Corporate Partners including Toyota, Aflac, Accenture (DSDP programs), and Delta, as well as Corporate Plus Customers Mohr, IBEX, Hightower, Kellogg, and Tuck.

This recent 2023 NMSDC National Supplier of the Year Award is an addition to the list of honors VDart has earned over the years, including the 2018 GMSDC Eagle Award, two consecutive years of winning the GMSDC MBE Advocate of the Year (2017 and 2018), the NMSDC Supplier of the Year Award Class IV (2017), and the recognition as a Great Place to Work for multiple years, among many more.

About NMSDC:

Founded in 1972, NMSDC is the longest-operating business growth engine for the broadest group of systematically excluded communities of color (Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic, and Native American), and our impact goes far beyond the supply chain. It’s about upward mobility for the emerging majority of Americans, an equal shot at participating in the American experiment of free-market capitalism and entrepreneurship. Our work is about correcting the unequal access to wealth-building opportunities. For more information, please visit nmsdc.org.

About VDart:

VDart is a leading global IT talent management and technology firm headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Founded in 2008, VDart has grown into a $300 million multinational corporation and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing IT staffing firms in the nation, with a workforce spanning 14 countries and over 3,750 employees. VDart is a trusted partner for Fortune 500 and public sector clients in energy and utilities, healthcare, finance, retail, and technology, enhancing businesses and improving project outcomes. VDart offers value-driven IT staffing solutions, specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle and SAP), Business Intelligence, and Data Warehousing. Aiming to operate as a socially responsible entity, benefiting both people and the planet, VDart actively participates in the United Nations Global Compact, contributing to global sustainability initiatives.

Visit www.vdart.com to learn more.

VDart NMSDC 2023
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