Environment Sustainability


As a corporate organization, it is our undeniable duty to indulge ourselves in creating a greener environment and encourage the same in the community in which we thrive. With the resources we use daily, we ought to do something in return. There is no better way than to reduce our impact on the planet and increase our energy efficiency to safeguard our ecosystem.

We live in a time where every action of ours toward the environment will be noted and taken into account by our stakeholders and clients. Thus, we give our best to create this purpose of serving to create a better tomorrow.

VDart embraces Sustainability

Aiming Towards Green Building

Green Building

Green Space

Providing a better work environment for employees has been our priority. Mannarpuram facility was a dream come true project in many aspects. One of the critical aspects is providing a lot of green spaces within and around the building. And creating rainforest-like office space was the striking factor. We completely eradicated single-use paper cups in this premise. By doing this, we have avoided 1300 cups per day in the new premise alone.

Water Management

A rainwater harvesting system has been installed to reduce the amount of water used from the mains significantly. VDart has also started the wastewater re-treatment project with the collaboration of external researchers. Testing condensed water from the Air conditioners’ outlet and reusing is underway.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Electronic waste has become a burden to the environment, so VDart has consciously invested in energy-efficient appliances in the new premises. All the electronics, such as Air conditioners, lighting, and gadgets, are energy efficient and under annual maintenance.

Supporting Small and Medium Sized Businesses

We consider supporting local, diverse, and small business owners is our prime responsibility. From renovating the building to everyday operations, VDart has provided opportunities to local and small-medium-sized vendors/suppliers. The new facility has a vibe that attracts our employees and motivates them to be more productive by offering a conducive work environment.

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My Tree My Trichy

Green Trichy

My Tree My Trichy – A Native-Tree Plantation Drive

At VDart, we promote nurturing our natural environment through tree plantations as it is one of the fastest and most impactful ways to achieve our UN Sustainable Development Goals. Planting native varieties instead of ornamental or non-native plants saves money and improves biodiversity. To champion this, VDart partnered with Shine Treechy for a native-tree plantation drive at Bharathidasan University, Khajamalai campus.

Sustainability Advocacy & Awareness Programs

VDart has committed to reducing its environmental impacts and increasing its focus on sustainability in 2021; developing these eco-friendly and sustainable approaches within a company is the first step. This can only be effective when employees across all levels and functions believe in the overall goals. One of the ways to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impacts is through workplace education. We wanted to inculcate this thought in our employees on the day of onboarding. We have conducted workshops on Sustainable living and energy reduction and even pitched eco-challenge. As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce VDart’s environmental footprint, we plan to work closely with our employees, clients, and suppliers to accelerate our journey toward more sustainable operations.

2021 VDart ESG Report

See how VDart’s pursuit of an environmental, social, governance (ESG) agenda serves the interest of many stakeholders: associates, clients, partners, investors and shareholders. Read Our Corporate Citizenship Report 2021 now.

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