Specialist staffing solutions across all industries.

  • Specialized in sourcing and placing specialist technology talent across todays stack of emerging technologies.
  • Provide talent in niche areas such as SMAC, ERP, Business Intelligence & Infrastructure.
  • SIA acknowledged VDart as one of the Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms (USA) for the year 2021.
  • Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) awards VDart as one of the Largest US IT Staffing Firms on its list.
  • Winner of 2021 Top Ten Asian American Businesses Award from the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC)
  • Featured on top of the Pacesetter list of fastest-growing companies in 2020 by Atlanta Business Chronicle.
  • Created over 30,000+ jobs for 850+ unique clients.

Who we work with.

How do we bridge the gap between you and your next workforce?

  • Recruiting staff with specialist skill set and technology talent could be challenging. With our expertise and unique digital practice, we can help you solve complex challenges and transform your businesses.
  • Hiring and finding the right candidate that suits your business objectives can be a tough task. The success and performance of your business depends upon your ability to hire experienced and qualified candidates who can do the job for you.
  • Hiring such people, especially in a niche industry like technology can be challenging and time-consuming. A technology staffing agency can solve the needs and provide your business with the best technology staffing solutions.
  • We are an expert technology staffing company and help you bridge the gap with our expert professional staffing solutions.
  • VDart is a pioneer professional staffing agency, known for intersecting talents and businesses. With our expertise and unique digital practices, we help you connect with the variable component to business success- people with the right skills, right competency, good values, and right attitude.
SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)
Business Intelligence and Infrastructure
(SAP and Oracle)
Interactive Technology (AR, VR and MR)

What services do we provide as a staffing firm to our clients in different industries?

Whether you are in the automotive, healthcare, finance industry, or the IT industry, if you are looking to hire employees for your organization, you are in the right place. VDart is one of the top recruiting companies in the USA that serves clients across multiple sectors.

Automotive and Mobility.

VDart offers award-winning digital staffing solutions for the growing automotive industry. We take a customer-centric approach to define specific solutions that help our customers meet their business needs. In the ever-changing digital world, we help bring the latest technological advances to our customers and help them develop creative ways to address their staffing needs. Transcending businesses has always been our trajectory. As a leading recruitment agency, we provide best-in-class recruiting services for the automotive industry.

Energy and Utilities.

VDart helps propel industry leaders in the power and utility sector to reinvent themselves and catch the wave of a transforming digital world. We assist businesses in capitalizing on the opportunities that digital technologies present. We can provide a comprehensive and integrated digital solution based on our vast experience and in-depth industry knowledge. Energy and utility companies can meet their business needs and drive revenue by utilizing our creative business solutions and models that use advanced digital technology. With our unparalleled industry knowledge, clinical approach, and digital tactics, we are the most sought-after power and energy recruiters providing the best solutions.

Healthcare and Life Sciences.

We help the healthcare industry leaders embrace the technological revolution to stay competitive and drive business objectives. With enhanced digital technology, we assist our clients in moving towards a proactive and data-driven future. We work with a wide range of healthcare clientele, providing them end-to-end intelligent solutions to help their specific goals and objectives.

Banking and Finance.

VDart plays a pivotal role in helping our banking and financial industry clients in their path toward digital transformation. With an award-winning team that works closely with its clients to understand their specific business needs, VDart can provide the most efficient and innovative solutions to meet the client's IT staffing needs. We are a leading banking and financial services staffing agency, providing top-class staffing solutions.

How do we offer a professional approach to all your staffing needs?

Recruiting staff for a position that requires exceptional skills could be a time-consuming affair. A professional staffing agency has broader access to a quality talent pool and specialized knowledge that could help you make vital staffing decisions. At VDart, we have a consistent, organized and proven screening process that has helped rank us as one of USA’s best staffing companies. We can help you with contract staffing services, long-term staffing services, and permanent staffing services. Our recruitment team will help you achieve the unique requirements that serve your organization’s vision.

Contract to Hire​​

Grow and manage the cost of hiring for your business by recruiting contracts to hire employees for your company. Hire the best person that meets your staffing needs by connecting with a contract to hire agency. We are an expert in contract staffing services and provide the best contract staffing services for your business.

Contract Staffing

Hiring the right people for your project needs is super easy and convenient. We recruit the best talent for your business and help you meet your staffing needs. Our experts provide contract staffing services to help you find talents with excellent skills and knowledge to resolve your contract staffing needs.

Permanent Staffing

Hiring the right permanent staff could help you stay on top of the funnel and deliver top-notch performance. Our experienced recruiters offer you permanent staffing solutions that would make hiring much easier for you. We are an expert permanent staffing agency helping you find the perfect staff for your organization with systematic screening and foolproof methods.

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At VDart, we focus on building relationships with our clients by adding value with each interaction. Being one of the most reliable professional staffing agencies in the USA, we have been working with Fortune 1000, large four consulting firms, leading system integrators, & managed service providers. Our expertise helps our clients drive the future forward at a global level.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An IT staffing agency is an expert hiring service provider, providing expert staffing solutions for IT organizations. A staffing service agency helps you hire the right recruit for your business needs by performing the entire recruiting and selection process from start to finish. With experienced and talented recruiters, VDart can help you find the right candidate and fulfill all your staffing needs.

Working with a staffing agency has many benefits. A staffing company can recruit talented candidates faster, and it is also cost-saving. The staffing agency can take care of all the employee benefits like insurance and taxes. This reduces the burden on the organization, allowing it to focus on other important matters. With more than a decade of experience in this field, VDart brings the best-in-class staffing solutions that you will ever need to grow your business.

Hiring the right people is difficult and time-consuming. Staffing agencies make the hiring process simple, quick, and hassle-free for you. Hiring a staffing agency will make your work easier and allow you to grow, reduce costs and focus on your business operations.

Digital staffing agencies recruit employees for businesses to fulfill their staffing needs. They recruit employees on behalf of employers looking to fill positions and help candidates find appropriate jobs. A staffing company looks after the complete hiring process from screening to interviewing and shortlisting the final candidate.

Companies hire staffing agencies to do the hiring job for them. The reason behind it is simple- they are not ready to spend all the time and resources it takes to do it. When you hire a staffing agency it does all the work for you and you’re promised to get a talented candidate, therefore, avoiding a bad hire for your business.

Finding a good staffing agency is crucial for every business. The key factor you must consider when hiring a staffing agency is – they must be experts in the IT industry. Furthermore, you can also check out experience, location, reviews, and hiring process as some of the other factors. VDart provides the best solutions for your IT staffing needs.