How to Be More Effective with Your Candidate Engagement

How to Be More Effective with Your Candidate Engagement

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Do your best talents keep dropping out from your hiring process? Then it’s time for you to optimize your candidate engagement strategies. 

Subject matter experts suggest that the best candidates are only 10 days in this highly competitive job market for the job search. Whereas, the average time taken by the recruiter to reach them is about 24 days. 

This is the reason why hiring talents became an increasingly daunting task. Improving candidate engagement is one of the effective ways to fix this hiring entanglement. This blog highly focuses on ideas to improve your proactive approach toward building an effective candidate hiring process.

Here are some of the proven ways to engage candidates effectively to increase candidate engagement-

1.Make the candidates feel better about your brand:

Post testimonials of your potential candidates on social media platforms. Let them talk about your company and why it is a great place to work for. Actively engage with the candidates and make the process more interactive rather than a classical stereotype. Taking special care is a great way to increase engagement with your candidate and make them feel comfortable about the process and organization.

2.Nurture your network: 

The size of the network matters a lot. The bandwidth of the network paves the way to emphasize and build a personality around the brand. This way it attracts and creates a funnel to streamline the candidates to engage effectively with the recruiter.  

3.Follow-up with candidates: 

Here’s an interesting stat stated by Talent Board– 52% of candidates are more likely to recommend friends to the same company, or reapply after a period of time or even become a buyer of the company’s service/ product in the future. All these cases are possible if they are satisfied with the recruiter’s quick follow-ups and feedback. Instead of making them wait, connect quickly as possible and share genuine feedback about the interview. Explain if any hard obstacle stands in the way before proceeding with the further decision. 

4.Easy to apply:

Make the application procedures simple! After building such a great rapport with the candidate, if your application portal is tough to lap then potentially you are going to lose the candidate. Because high caliber candidates have attitudes and they don’t jump through hoops. They prefer smooth and easy hiring procedures. Without fixing this bottleneck,  you are going to end up getting mediocre candidates. Psychologically, they are more likely to take any challenges to get hired. Think why caliber candidates are gonna wait? 

5.Make use of chatbots :

Candidates may have multiple questions about your brand, job role, functioning, application process, or hiring timeline. It’s a hammer on the egg if your company is hiring in bulk. You can’t be personally involved and address all their questions. Chatbots could be handy in boosting your candidate engagement. It prevents you from losing candidates by answering some of the common or frequently asked questions. Hence figure out and craft a few anticipated common questions that can be successfully answered by the chatbot. Finally, ensure the questions are streamlined to the respective team or person. 

6.Opt for an effective pre-selection process:

As fourth mentioned, bulk-hiring may take multiple tolls on recruiters. It’s quite impossible to engage with every candidate and screen them. If proceeding, you may hold the risk of overlooking qualified candidates. In order to keep the process moving and select the right candidates, you need to opt for the pre-selection process. Create an online assessment form to make the candidates learn more about your organization and parallelly, it also provides you with valuable data about the candidate. 

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