Changing the way we think.

VDart is a digital business transformation firm that believes in shaping the future of innovation in today’s digital era. We provide business solutions that help our clients solve challenges and create opportunities using leading digital technologies.

Reimagining business in the digital age.

We’re shaping the future of innovation, providing business solutions that help our clients solve challenges and create opportunities using new digital technologies.

What we do

Getting you ready for technological shifts.

Through our dedicated digital solutions branch, VDart we work with our clients to provide innovative digital transformation solutions. The insight and expertise we offer help our clients adapt and transform quickly, helping them solve challenges and capitalize on the opportunities digital transformation is creating today.

Employing a collaborative process, our dedicated team design, build, test, and iterate, providing a high-touch relationship that enables our clients to embrace transformation as a continuous way of working and reimagine their business in today’s age of digital transformation.

Digital Expertise

Analyze, architect, deliver, support.

By harnessing new and emerging technologies, we help our clients to learn from their data and build an effective digital strategy. We provide support and guidance throughout, allowing them to discover new possibilities and solve challenges to become more effective today and position themselves for growth tomorrow.

Mobility Solutions

Changing consumer behaviour and technology disruptions are driving mobility transformation and we’re at the forefront, redefining mobility with leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers through advanced mobility solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the digitization of the physical world we’re building new ways to connect products, services and processes, creating new channels of engagement for our clients and their customers. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leveraging artificial intelligence in concurrence with machine learning, natural language processing and analytics we’re enhancing productivity to enable goals to be reached faster than ever before.

Interactive Technology​

Using interactive technologies, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, we’re building solutions that offer improved efficiency to provide opportunities in many areas of manufacturing.

Data Analytics and Insights

Our expertise in understanding and employing data to solve challenges is a key factor in how we continually assist our clients in developing and implementing strategies for transformation and growth.


At the forefront of transformation through distributed ledger technologies, we’re already leveraging the many benefits of blockchain, building unique solutions to everyday challenges.

Intelligent Automation

Our intelligent automation solutions seamlessly integrate our clients unique operations and technology, combining BPM, RPA and Artificial Intelligence to provide effective automation of their company’s processes.

Digital Engineering

Through people, processes and technology we solve complex problems for our clients, working with them to design, build and implement innovative products and experiences that provide transformation and growth.

Cyber Security

Providing assessment and audit, Security Operations & Management (SOC), Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Penetration Testing, Identity and access management, we enable growth with confidence for our clients.

Cloud Solutions

Through strategic alliances with leading cloud providers, we create intelligent cloud solutions that increase productivity, improve compliance, and maximize value for our clients.

Quality Assurance

Using intelligent automated software and autonomous testing we provide insight into logic, accuracy, suitability, security and code efficiency of software systems to help our clients improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs.


Cross-industry innovation.

We work across various industries, providing radical rethinking of business models and specialist expertise to solve specific needs. This multi-faceted approach enables us to share ideas and knowledge across teams to offer new thinking methods and solve challenges in new, innovative ways.

Automotive and Mobility

We’re engaged with many leaders within the automotive industry, helping to address their business challenges and create innovative solutions through the use of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

Energy and Utilities

Providing comprehensive, integrated solutions across a wide range of segments within the industry, we provide deep industry knowledge and insights to meet client needs today and provide growth avenues for tomorrow.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Working within the healthcare and life sciences sector, we’re providing a wide range of end-to-end services to help our clients become the intelligent healthcare solution provider we all need for a happy, healthy future.

Our Partnerships

We're better together.

As a relationship driven organization, we’re always looking to develop mutually beneficial connections. Through this idea we’ve developed strong partnerships with the some of the world’s top technology providers.


The solutions provided by Forgerock help people safely and simply connect worldwide through exceptional digital experiences, developing commercial open source identity and access management products for enterprise, consumer, cloud, mobile and IoT environments. With our expertise within these fields, we partner with Forgerock to produce better business solutions for our clients including IAM implementation and post implementation production support for a large automotive manufacturer.


Softomotive is empowering people and enterprise by helping organizations solve complex problems around robotic process automation. Through our partnership with Softomotive, we’ve been successful in solving many complex business problems for our clients enhancing their business processes.

Our work

Redefining what's possible.

We embrace change and seek to find innovative solutions for our clients by engaging with them to find new possibilities. Combining analysis, design and engineering expertise, we’re already shaping tomorrow by building incredible solutions today.

Ready to embrace the future?