Efficient Business Processes Management (BPM)
for the Insurance industry.

  • We are ranked 8th time on the #Inc5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America 2020.
  • We have been recognized and honored by several industry leaders in the past few years.
  • Our Insurance back-office process outsourcing help insurance consulting firms to increase the speed of their business.
  • Driven by the passion to provide end-to-end Insurance Back-office Services for our clients.
  • Our pool of talented professionals is seasoned in providing quality insurance business process management services.

Who we work with.

What we do

Strengthening insurance back-office processes.

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Our process

End-to-end process support and optimization.




Leverage from our insurance industry knowledge.

Our difference

Why our clients choose us.

With increasing customer demands and changing market dynamics, Insurance Consulting Firms are compelled to incorporate innovative customizations. VDart offers Insurance agency back-office outsourcing that can help you provide a first-class customer experience. We can handle your operational needs while you can focus on the growth and development of your organization. With our deep domain expertise, we can manage anything from regular insurance processes to highly transactional operations.


If you are an insurance consulting firm that is gearing for growth and profitability, outsourcing your insurance services would be the perfect strategy. This could significantly reduce your operational costs and provide a stable foundation for continuous expansion.

Agility and precision

By outsourcing core and non-core activities to an experienced insurance agency customer service outsourcing specialist, you no longer must invest in additional fixed assets. This provides you the agility to adapt to changes with the evolving requirement.

Efficient workforce

Through the strategic distribution of processes to a skilled workforce, you can be assured of exemplary service. With a flexible workforce, our specialist insurance company consultants can assist you with your back-office processes so that you can overcome economic uncertainties.

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