Indeed dreams come true… what one can achieve is dependent on the size of the dream. We believe in dreaming big and acting quick with PURPOSE at its core. VDart’s journey started on a kitchen counter conversation with a table and chair in an apartment in Alpharetta. 14 years ago on this special day, one man believed all this could happen. 

With a firm belief in his vision, he began his journey. This journey wasn’t smooth. There were several ups & downs, uncertainty, and exhaustion. But he was not ready to give up, he was driven by purpose!

The journey of starting from a one person company to a 3700+ people firm, operating from 10 global locations, creating over 30K global job opportunities; rooted on a same purpose when we started out “to transform the trajectory of people’s lives every day”!

VDart is not built on brick and mortar. It’s the dreams, beliefs, blood & sweat of thousands of people who are part of V (WE) in VDart. We are a diamond the rough the world will see shine brightly. We are an idea of victory, sheer will, dedication and above all: purpose driven.

The VDart Day !

VDart Day is a celebration of the day Sidd Ahmed, President and CEO, created VDart. On December 14th, 2007, Sidd officially registered VDart as a company and began creating an organization that has now impacted the lives of over thousands of people globally.

We celebrate on this day to Sidd’s entrepreneurial spirit and the entire VDart team who empower and bring the Vision of VDart come true:

To touch the lives of all associated with us; to create success; wealth; and enhance the quality of life

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