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VDart is in the digital business transformation firm that is here to shape the future of innovation in a dynamic digital era. Our digital services help organizations create engaging digital experiences for their business. We make sure to execute the ideal digital strategy for your business using disruptive ideas and cutting-edge technology.

What we do

Inspiring new standards of business and growth

we support businesses by solving complex challenges and creating new opportunities. We are a specialist digital consulting firm that works through change to provide clients around the world with a platform for success.


Transforming Technology – Transforming the Future

Digital adoption is increasing at a rapid pace among the customer community. Businesses that are imbibing digital innovative digital strategies into their DNA can match modern customer expectations and demands. With our digital prowess and insight, we can help you stay ahead of customer expectations and be proactive and predictive. We follow an inventive, scalable, and technology-agnostic approach that empowers our clients to be flexible and adopt technology and retain their lasting business values.

Our services .


The talent marketplace is experiencing a shift from conventional recruitment models to a more flexible and digital approach. We are a staffing agency that provides specialist technology staffing for the global industry. We assist businesses in breaking the barriers of traditional recruiting with efficient digital staffing technologies

Business process Improvements.

Every business process aims to accomplish a specific organizational goal. The process involves several ongoing operations that can be mundane. With BPM services, we can streamline these backend operations and help you maximize your sales and revenue while you can focus on growth. We specialize in consulting services and back-office services for the insurance industry.

Digital Solutions.

We provide consulting services to help you succeed in the latest digital technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Intelligent Automation and Cyber Security.

Digital Identity Management (DIM).

Safety of the customer’s personal information is of the foremost for any enterprise. Digital Identity management allows you to collect, store and access this information efficiently. At VDart, we can help you build and manage your customer’s digital identity and at the same time leverage this data to provide a better customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation Services (RPA).

With efficient Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services, we enable enterprises to accelerate performance and grow their business exponentially. We leverage RPA technology for smooth business automation. We can assist you with end-to-end RPA services ranging from assessment, designing, strategy, implementation, and support. We make sure that you achieve operational efficiency and improved productivity.

5 Benefits of no-code app development

No-code allows for quick turn-around time in a fraction of the time it would take when building an app with traditional or low-code options. No-code uses a visual interface with rich functionality that allows for a smooth transition between an idea and a workable application.

Because no-code app development takes a visual approach, there is an easier line of communication between IT teams and business leaders. There is a direct and transparent visualization that promotes cross-team collaboration between IT teams, business analysts, and engineers.

Traditional app development structures can create IT work bottlenecks that limits work
to those with specialized knowledge. However, no-code allows those within business teams to bring ideas to the table by being able to hand-off complex, detailed projects and break them down into smaller projects. Thus, project backlogs are reduced because even though one might not be able to code, they are still able to contribute to the overall development process.

No-code uses a drag-and-drop interface and JSON documents rather than legacy code and data models. Traditionally, app developers needed to define all entities from the start which can lead to slow and lagging start-up times and a very labor intensive process down the line. With no-code, your data is stored on a JSON document rather than a data model and allows for a faster, more logical data structure. No-code platforms give you flexibility to start building immediately with the ability to adjust on the fly and rebuild/redirect when necessary. 

With legacy code, there is a constant need to maintain and update the code every time a change is made. The need to hire specialized engineers to maintain the legacy code can often be a drain on a company’s bottom-line. However, with no-code development, there is no need to maintain legacy code while building custom apps. This results in faster turn-around times, reduced costs, and less stress on an IT team’s bandwidth.


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