What do employees want from their managers?

What do employees want from their managers?

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When it comes to expectations, for the most part, they will be the same for the employees and the managers. The employee expects good recognition once he/she does a good job. whereas the manager expects them to be productive and the recognition should be earned.

Some major things the employees want:

  1. An honest workplace, where everyone will be treated the same irrespective of their positions.
  2. The next thing is reliability. The manager must be a reliable source and must show a sense of support to the employees when needed.
  3. Respect should also be a mutual thing. It gives a lot of room to develop a good relationship between the employee and the manager.
  4. Collaboration also paves the way to building a better environment for employees, as it encourages sharing of work and improves productivity.
  5. Appreciation is also something the employees expect from the managers. It is very important that the employee’s achievements are recognised and they are given a token of appreciation. Employee morale is boosted as a result of this.

There are also some things that the employees cannot surely expect from the managers. They are

  • A close friendship inside or outside the workplace. Very few managers engage in friendship with their employees because sometimes it creates a sense of freedom that might be bad for business. But, not all the time.
  • Most employees don’t like to engage in conversation with their managers. Either regarding work or personal.
  • They also look for emotional support, but they mostly look for it with their co-workers and not with the manager.

These traits are important to understand the whole process of expectations that employees want from their managers. But, it doesn’t apply to all the managers and employees. Because some tend to extend their support to unexpected things as well.

 Hence,it all depends on the place of work and the work culture of the place. Managers sometimes go to lengths to help out the employees by promising them a good environment. Therefore , it should be balanced, i.e., the relationship between the employees and the managers.

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