VDart Digital teams up with global OEM’s for hi-tech navigation and mapping solution


Today’s high-tech automotive navigation systems are changing the face of the automotive industry and getting consumers closer to fully autonomous driving solutions.

With the advent of technological advancement in automotive software development, self-driving cars will be soon a reality. At VDart Digital we have identified growing trend in the automotive industry for premium in-car technology powered by smart in-vehicle systems — from GPS to ADAS making navigation and mapping solutions.

These solutions make our roads safer and make the driving experience more convenient. Our experts at VDart Digital solutions teamed up with Global OEMs, leading automakers to respond to the growing market demand and to improve safety and comfort for drivers. We solved a similar business problem for one of the largest automotive manufacturers’ in the world.

The challenge faced by client was their current navigation systems, these are heavy head unit hardware dependent and any enhancement or addition of new capabilities or hardware updates are extremely high in cost and have a longer deployment cycle. The wait times could be 2-3 years until the next car production cycle begins. This was a major hindrance in the ability to do product enhancements and provide desired user experience.

Since the current system has huge hardware dependency because of which it could take more than desired time to be deployed and lack of feature resulted in poor in-vehicle experience, we at VDart Digital partnered with client and created a highly secure & scalable cloud based Navigation system that performed real time sync of maps, map updates, real time traffic integration.

This solution was able to perform faster and accurate route calculations by using machine learning models to determine user’s preferred route options. It provided 25mile radius full capability cache mechanism that achieved same online experience.

As a result our solution provides best Navigation experience with faster and accurate route calculations, real time traffic incidents & predictive traffic patterns, best map visualizations and personalized user experience using voice, search and preferences in both offline and online scenarios. This improved integrated customer experience for our client.