VDart Digital helps businesses with mobility and digital transformation


As a new customer acquisition strategy, businesses want to leverage mobile app as one of the medium to offer new services to their customers. This can help them increase their outreach and gain more consumer insights.

Businesses are facing a constant challenge to get success in increasing app usage are many reasons for that and the most important is that the app is not designed to reap benefits of connected technologies which are not able to offer new features/ services to consumers. The existing app is too complex with old features to use with non-intuitive, difficult enrollment/registration process, which leads to customer frustrations and low adoption rates, hence businesses lack great opportunity to stay connected with their customers.

The VDart Digital team brainstormed the problem with their client who is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. We at VDart Digital partnered with our client to create a product vision for a new future ready, feature rich mobile app providing frictionless experience to customers.

The approach was diagnostic in nature and we conducted an intensive study mapping user experience, analyzed application flow, security architecture and the future business model to define a suggested improved product vision.

We put forth an expert agile team of developers, designers, architects and cloud engineers to deliver on the product vision. Not The team was able to develop the app and with our team of experts we also built a backend platform giving customers ability to stay connected with vehicle all the time from the convenience of their mobile device, supporting new subscription-based features and services to be rolled out to customers.

This resulted in reduced complexity, simplified user registration process, leading to reduction in call volume for registration by 90%, enabling social media enrollment and biometrics such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter.

The app was very well accepted as there were new services/features such as remote services and usage based services which built a strong foundation for supporting future business models.