VDart Digital drives immersive customer experience using AR, VR and MR technologies

The new augmented reality (AR) customer experience (CX) techniques are re-defining consumer engagement and enhancing the product or service being offered. Change is coming, and innovation leaders need to strategically use these trends to plan their businesses advancement.

VDart Digital designed a solution for a large OEM using AR/VR and MR to create immersive customer experience.

The biggest challenge was that every time client launches a new product in the market, they spend millions of dollars on bulky user manuals which are hardly used by consumers who prefer to call service desk for support at touch of a button.

The company spent huge amount of money on print which is was not beneficial to the customer and there was a high volume of customer support calls.

After ideating and understanding the problem, the VDart Digital team of experts designed a solution to replace traditional user manuals with an app using ARkit, Unity, Vuforia, ARCore.

This app enables customers to get an immersive experience of the product through any smartphone or a tablet by simply using the app and pointing the smartphone to product and instantaneously get most of the help.

This helped company in their call volumes by 65% and also saved money on printing. This unique positive experience among customers led to boast brand value.