The five most important talent acquisition trends of 2022

The five most important talent acquisition trends of 2022

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As we have all seen and experienced, 2020 and 2021 have been really complicated years for everyone around the world. Especially for people who were looking for a decent job with a decent paycheck. However, this was not the case, since the pandemic also had a significant economic impact. However, there was another improvement: technology enabled a significant upgrade in recruiting. As it really boosted and changed the complexity of the hiring process. There are 5 basic acquisition that are in trend and they are,

Distant Work:

When the pandemic struck, many were worried about losing their jobs because the work that they were doing was not remotely compatible. But, many companies were made to adapt to the new working conditions. From the year 2020, remote jobs became popular as talented people were able to work their magic from the comfort of their home. This quickly became popular as many were eager to adapt to this new system of work. However, the hardest thing to do was to find the right candidates that fit the description because it was very different from the traditional hiring process.

Social Media:

Social media recruiting is never going to be a walk in the park because it occupies a lot of space on its own. But, if you know where and how to strike the right people for your business, it might be an effective way to hire talent. This can be justified by the numbers that show almost 70% of talents are successfully hired using social media.

Artificial intelligence:

The whole recruiting process back then was a tiring process that took more time, almost hours and hours a week to hire for one role. This is where AI comes in to cut short that amount of time. The AI automates the repeatable processes, thus making the recruiters focus on other important tasks. It can also boost the process by sourcing candidates through its tracking system.


A workplace is a place where both the employer and the employees grow together, contributing to making the whole environment very engaging. Diversity is a concept that has become a major topic of discussion for many years. As it helps in creating a diverse work culture where the employees can thrive and work together. Representation and culture really contribute to success.

Employee Wellbeing:

The wellbeing of the employees determines the stability and productivity of an organization. The mental health of the employees should be closely monitored. People these days easily get exhausted with their work if the work is very tiresome. Sometimes, it might create health issues as well. Hence, organizations must be sure of their employees’ wellbeing. 

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