Staffing Trends within the Automotive Industry

Staffing Trends within the Automotive Industry

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Every industry requires a different approach when it comes to hiring. The automotive industry keeps changing and positively developing with the help of technological innovations. The impact that this industry has created on the environment is absolutely phenomenal. 

The growth has not only been associated with the business owners, stakeholders, and working staff but also it is closely associated with every individual of this planet. 

The latest addition of digital technology in automation took the industry a step ahead with electric vehicles, digital keys, self-driving modes, AI-enhanced driving, and much more. This massive tech-driven advancement has drastically boosted the employment rate within the tech industry. 

A talent acquisition team cannot proceed without knowing the trends that are happening around the industry. They need proper research to approach the qualified candidate. This blog throws light on the trends and talent strategies that talent acquisition should be aware of!

Key Trends within the Automotive Industry

  1. Research suggests that the automotive industry could be a completely different industry from what they are now by 2030. The advancement of technology would generate more workforce requirements. The companies will be needing more professionals who have hands-on experience in automation, EV, AI, and robotics. 
  2. By 2030 self-driving cars are expected to be on roads. There’s gonna be an immense demand for candidates with new skill sets like machine learning, automation intelligence, sensor processing, and design intelligence. 
  3. Another research by the subject matter experts suggests that- By 2025, 25% to 35% of all cars will be hybrids or fully automated electric vehicles. This demand may continue to create more pressure on the companies to build new innovative platforms. There will be a massive impact on the industry to support advanced driving technologies. 
  4. There will be a big impact on the talent strategy in terms of grooming the skillsets of the employees. Continuous workshops and training will be conducted to upskill or reskill the workforce to meet the talent specification.
  5. These completely digitalized innovations in the industry emerge with illuminating Gen Z as key decision-makers. The patterns, standards and the practice that we follow will be drastically different. For instance, we may no longer get the interview schedules by email. Instead, we get text messages or phone calls. This is how the culture evolves.

This blog could be a great takeaway for companies to recalibrate their talent strategies. 

We hold a great responsibility when it comes to the technology-first future. Across the globe, VDart pioneers in providing quality staffing services and delivering long-term value to our customers. We not only hire top talent for our clients but also ensure to support our clients in achieving their business goals. 

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