"Allowing customers to stay connected with
their vehicle from their mobile device."

Case Study


While businesses want to leverage mobile apps to offer new services, increase their outreach, and gain more customer insights, most do not succeed in building apps that reap the benefits of connected technologies. This leads to poor user experiences, cumbersome onboarding, multiple logins, outdated features, complex systems, customer frustration, and low usage rates, which deprives businesses of a great opportunity to stay connected with their customers.



VDart Digital partnered with Global OEMs to create an innovative, feature-rich mobile app enabling customers to always stay connected with their vehicle from the convenience of their mobile device. Our agile team of developers, designers, architects, and cloud engineers collaborated to define the business model, design and develop the app, and build a backend platform providing customers with an optimal user experience and future forward features to easily manage their vehicles.



  • Reduced complexity and simplified the registration process (9 steps reduced to 3)
  • Decreased registration-related call volume by 90%
  • Enabled biometric and social enrollment with Facebook, Apple and, Google
  • Added new features and services, such as remote services and usage-based services
  • Built a strong foundation for supporting future business models
  • Became a global template for OEM’s multi region implementations
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