Vouch is proud to announce ClojureScript leader, Mike Fikes to the company.

ClojureScript guru, Mike Fikes joins Blockchain Authentication Startup Vouch to assist in leading ClojureScript development alongside fellow teammate David Nolen.

Vouch, a cutting edge blockchain authentication platform, is proud to announce ClojureScript leader, Mike Fikes to the company.

“Humbled and ecstatic to have Mike on our team,” stated Anthony Maley, Vouch Co-Founder. “Mike has been a trailblazer in the ClojureScript community and we’re thrilled to add his exemplary talents to our growing business.”

“Mike Fikes is a game-changing addition to our team,” stated Cameron Randolph, Chief Strategy Officer at Vouch. “We’re privileged to work with an expert like Mike in building our pioneering blockchain authentication platform. The impact that Vouch can make towards increasing the security of our clients’ businesses and their customers’ data is now greatly enhanced.”

Mike will be a key member of the engineering team and will assist in leading application and ClojureScript development alongside teammate David Nolen.

Prior to Vouch, Mike worked on a number of progressive network and security projects with RSA Security, Amperity, UUNET & AOL. Mike has also studied at both the Imperial College of London and MIT where he holds a master’s degree from the AeroAstro program.

Mike was notably the first person to build connections between React Native and ClojureScript, one of the first developers to gain access to the Facebook React Native Github repository, and is also a core contributor to ClojureScript and its community.

“Having the opportunity to work with ClojureScript and solve a significant security challenge like this is really exciting. There’s just so much opportunity here to make good things happen and I couldn’t be more excited with what we have in front of us,” stated Mike.

As identity theft and digital trust issues continue to rise, Vouch’s technology will be the future of security for organizations looking to make their internal systems and commercial product access points more secure.

About Vouch

Founded in 2018, Vouch is an Atlanta-based technology company focused on helping global enterprises create intelligent applications and processes by eliminating human identity and digital authenticity risk.

Vouch technology enables new user experience, and security possibilities for customer applications using it’s breakthrough blockchain-based identity and intelligence platform.

Vouch Zero Password, the first product built using the Vouch Platform, is a human-centered blockchain identity system for login, authentication & identity protection. Vouch Zero Password makes access to any digital account as simple as picking up a smart device, completely eliminating the need for passwords. With Vouch Zero Password, you don’t need to remember anything – you just need to be yourself.

For more information visit us at: https://vouch.io/

Mike Fikes, ClojureScript Expert joins Blockchain Authentication Startup Vouch.


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