At VDart Digital we have helped our clients to put the right brand messaging to their target audience. The primary objective for any company for sentiment analysis is to increase customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.

With regards to modifying sales and marketing strategy, sentiment analysis helps gauge how their customers feel about the brand.

One of our retailer client wanted to harness the power of natural language processing and text mining for customer feedback sentiment analysis. The VDart Digital team employed a strategy to tackle the problem by facilitated the retailer’s devoted software team. They performed data purifying and munging as the essential task and connected words tokenization alongside a Natural Language Toolkit, this was utilized to characterize equivalent words, semantics, and the general tone of voice of feedback.

Subsequently, the team executed the business rationale based on language characteristics, abbreviations, collocations, and vernacular articulations, and finished a comprehensive semantic analysis.

This arrangement helped retailer streamline and overhaul their marketing and sales strategy, which brought about 30% income increment within a year of deployment.

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