"Rich features include preferred routes, points of
interest, and route-related contextual insights."

Case Study


OEMs can deploy navigation solutions that are embedded in-vehicle or off-board, but challenges come from the extended ecosystems and partners required to deploy today’s advanced systems. These complexities include System and Cloud Integration, Multiple Map Providers, deployment of OTA Software updates with system wide implications, content, global deployment, and hardware compatibility. When not done properly, this leads to limited systems and poor experiences.



VDart Digital leveraged its deep heritage in complex solution integration services and partnered with a Global OEM to implement and deploy a highly secure, scalable, and flexible product. Leveraging the OEM’s legacy cloud, this solution provides real time syncing of maps and traffic, map updates, and streamlined route calculation. We worked to ensure alignment of hardware, cloud, and system requirements, while simultaneously deploying machine learning models working in conjunction with our proprietary Identity/Access management solution to provide contextual customer experiences.



Optimal and personalized in-vehicle navigation experience with rich features, such as:

  • Last mile navigation, voice commands, and mapbox integration
  • Preferred routes and points of interest, new traffic, and route-related contextual insights
  • When customer resumes walking, navigation switches to mobile app
  • Use of vehicle-generated data to create directional travel time, precise traffic, and jam tail
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