"A one-stop Enterprise Fleet Management
solution with digital key technology"

Case Study


VDart Digital was engaged by a global manufacturing corporation to help design and build an enterprise fleet management platform that seamlessly integrates into their overall mobility business

strategy, with a focus on the following objectives:

  • A centralized strategy and technology framework to solve for global needs in fleet management
  • Development of new and extended offerings and services to expand their revenue streams
  • “To-market” focused value propositions and feature roadmap.




We designed and engineered an Enterprise Fleet Management solution with features including:

  • Integration of a digital key solution to optimize contactless contracts and provisioning
  • White label data orchestration component for product/inventory specifications and telemetry
  • Data as a service to calculate revenue models, asset equity, and residual value in real-time.




  • Established a scalable centralized architecture core for the enterprise’s fleet business
  • Went to market early with features to make adoption easy, compelling, and cost effective
  • Implemented a white label solution to gain momentum and speed to market
  • Delivered a platform and data services ecosystem which created new revenue opportunities
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