Driving Customer Experience and Insights with NLP, AI and ML solutions


Companies are investing in giving their customer experience (CX) capabilities to have a seamless experience and building brand equity. A uniform customer experience is to ensure that brand messaging and consumer engagement remains constant across multiple touchpoints and channels.

Despite the growing importance of customer experience, dimension data’s for 2017 global customer experience benchmark report found that more than 80 percent of companies identified Customer experience as a key differentiator.

VDart Digital solutions have successfully delivered a solution on customer engagement and analytics using natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning for a large manufacturing company. Our client had a challenge to understand the customer expectations regarding new product features and services.

As innovation is the key in the manufacturing business so new set of product features and services were launched in the market but the expectations were not met. There were issues being reported across multiple channels for which huge data was available, but our client did not have a solution to systematically analyze that data for actionable insights and customer engagement.

As a result there was decline in the product usage, lack of customer engagement and loss of insights from customer experiences. VDart Digital solutions team collaborated with client and built an AI based solution to address the problem.

Our solution uses ML and natural language processing to give insights and relationships in text, including social media posts and emails. It scores overall sentiment and extracts tokenized phrases to aid in conducting voice of customer analysis and personalizing response. As a result of this solution the client was able to create actionable insights from customer experience which led to improving the product features and services which enhanced the customer engagement and experience.