"Enabling seamless vehicle access, such as
locking, engine start, and sharing with friends."

Case Study


Digital keys are one of the latest features in the automotive industry for connected vehicles, allowing customers to use a smart device as a key to lock, unlock, start the engine, and share access to their vehicle. New digital key solutions are also important for dealerships, fleet management, shared mobility services, and contactless delivery.



We offer two digital key solutions, factory fitted and aftermarket, with features including:

  • Seamless vehicle access and control, such as locking, unlocking, engine start, etc.
  • Digital sharing of keys with family and friends without the need for face to face interaction
  • Complete control over vehicles with the ability to revoke shared keys remotely
  • Digital handover of keys and transfer of ownership during vehicle sale.



Our digital key solutions are intended to drive holistic business impact across:

  • Fleet management for company owned cars and commercial fleets
  • Dealership lot and vehicle management
  • Shared mobility for car rental and carsharing businesses
  • Personal vehicle ownership and usage
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