"A globally scalable system to help companies
comply with CCPA and Global Privacy Laws."

Case Study


A major healthcare company needed to have a system in place that supports any regulatory customer privacy law. The system had to integrate with partner/affiliate systems in supporting privacy laws. It also required an interface and portal to check the number of requests that came through, the status of each request, and which partner system was yet to complete the fulfilment of the request, as well as to perform the processing for failed requests.



VDart Digital provides IT solutions and possesses great strength in business process management and compliance across different industries. Our team of business process experts conducted a thorough review of the current data flow and mapped all the data stores internally and externally with partner/affiliate networks. We developed a system to assimilate all the sources of data that are accessible through an intuitive user interface and portal enabling customers to track their data, submit requests to clean or delete data, and track the closure of requests.



A globally scalable system to accommodate quick integration of partners/affiliates across geographies and help comply with CCPA and Global Privacy Laws.

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