"Search for parking, make reservations, pay for
gas, order from restaurants, and more."

Case Study


There is a growing market demand in the automotive industry for personalization that is driving new marketplace technology solutions with convenient contextual services. Global research indicates that by 2025 about $17.3 billion of vehicle-related purchases and personal consumer spending will be allocated to cars through Integrated Marketplace Applications.



VDart Digital partnered with Global OEMs and created a highly secure and scalable cloud-based Marketplace Solution providing customers with relevant and convenient in-vehicle ecommerce services and mobile app integration. These services enhance customers’ vehicle ownership and mobility experiences. The overall solution can adapt over time to changing customer expectations and market conditions.



Future forward in-car and mobile marketplace experience with the ability to search for parking and make reservations, find gas stations and purchase fuel, order from quick service restaurants, pay for toll payments, and locate electric vehicle charging stations.

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