What Makes VDart A Great Place To Work?

What Makes VDart A Great Place To Work?

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We have been awarded the Best and Brightest Companies to work for in the U.S.A, 2022! Receiving the honor is a testament to our commitment to improving the lives and livelihood of our employees. Our strength is our people because we would have no business without them.

VDart’s purpose of creating success, wealth, and quality of life for our stakeholders- employees and customers is what guides us. We are a purpose-driven organization and our employees love working with us.

At VDart, we have created a great workplace, which shows in awards like this. How do we create a great place to work? Here are a few of the reasons that contribute to our success.

1. Our culture and values

Our credo is our value system and governs every action we undertake. The VDart Credo is a set of beliefs and has 12 guiding principles-

We drive our values through ARISE-Action, Respect, Inspiration, Serving, and Empowering people. Every action we take is done with collaboration. Our motto is to work with integrity and take thoughtful bias for all our actions. We are constantly involved and committed to our people’s development and diligently get things done to drive, Embrace Proactive and Intentional Change.

Through our firm belief and commitment to our values, we execute our vision in our measures to serve people and communities. Our credos guide us to empower and cherish our culture of being intentional in our actions and going the extra mile to serve our purpose for people and clients.

Ever since our inception, we have kept our culture and purpose unscathed. We aim to relentlessly pursue the path of building a culture-driven organization and also have a Purpose and Culture officer who ensures that we intricately work together to establish culture, purpose, and values at VDart.

2. Community and Team Building

The success of an organization depends on how people work together in collaboration. With people coming together from different ages, professions, and departments, we treat everyone equally. Everybody working at VDart is a colleague of each other and is always positive, supportive, and inspiring.

In Trichy and all of our offices across different geographical locations, we serve a purpose, and our community helps us thrive. We undertake several activities like team dinners, charity drives, cultural fests, talent festivals, and sports activities for the community’s well-being. We empower our employees to give back and support their neighborhood.

3. Professional development and growth:

Learning and continuously evolving help individuals grow in every sphere of life. Professional development is crucial to help people grow and allows them to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can help them in their job and career.

Learning initiatives are critical differentiators in how we intentionally invest in people. We have an exceptional Learning and Development team who organize different workshops and programs to help people learn in areas of their interest.

Our intentional approach to driving continuous learning is integral to us and is crucial to measuring performance in our annual review and bonus program.

We want to offer the best growth and learning opportunities for grooming the next generation’s global leaders – and in turn, they create value and impact in our business and the teams working with them. The intention and effort serve our larger purpose and stay true to our vision.

4. Diversity and Inclusivity:

We are an ever-growing, continuously evolving, a diverse organization promoting inclusivity at the core. Our workforce comprises 52% of women, 35% of the first-generation workforce, and people from all backgrounds, cultures, and communities.

ESG is embedded in our DNA, and we work closely with our board members to create policies that integrate inclusivity and diversity in our operations. Furthermore, we are committed to fighting the battle against climate change, poverty and gender biases, as our firm belief lies in the thought that combating it is our moral imperative. We are rising to the occasion with a robust plan that helps our business and environment and serves our larger purpose of transforming lives worldwide.

5. Competitive Compensation:

The true strength of the firm lies in its people. We firmly believe talent needs to be well compensated.

VDart ensures that an employee’s salary and other benefits are standard to market rates. Our goal is to provide our employees with a good standard of living and benchmark salaries against the broader market. We deliver to exceed expectations and create an experience that our employees love.

6. Employee Wellness:

Employees are our most prominent stakeholders, and we collectively make VDart. We are in a people-centric business, and all our activities are genuinely attached to our purpose, and every attempt is made to enrich the lives of our employees.

Our focus goes beyond the workplace and salary benefits; we strive to benefit the lives of our employees with quality of life at work and beyond. We want our employees to be connected to their well-being and development and have human connectivity with the community.

To enrich the lives of our employees, we have several wellness, development, and learning programs running. Everyone has the chance to grow and be themselves. We celebrate our employees’ special days with special birthday incentives and full learning support.

7. Ease and Flexibility:

Work is not about the superior and subordinate relationship, nor confined to a secure office. It is a place where everyone has the potential to perform. We pride ourselves on being a flexible workplace where people can work from anywhere. Our greater emphasis is on completing the tasks than on the necessity of set working hours.

There is always flexibility to manage your shift, work from home, work in an office, or combine hybrid modes for all our employees. With a large workforce being women, especially new mothers, we want them to love what they do and try our best to offer ease of operations.

8. Support for new ideas:

We are always open and willing to new ideas to foster growth in everything we do and expand our horizons. There is always room for embracing new ideas. We have always opened doors for everyone, and all the leadership team members are always open to suggestions and appreciate new ideas that can help the individual grow and scale the organization to newer heights.

One of our credos ( our core values) is we fearlessly champion big ideas and create a pathway for the success of our people and organization.

The Final Word

Those are some of the key reasons that make us a great place to work, but the key differentiator will always be our intention to lead with purpose and the sponsorship, support, and guidance of our leadership, board members, and people.

Our resolve to serve our vision is solid, and we at VDart march forward with an unrelenting focus to create a top-notch workplace for our people. 

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