How To Manage Candidate Engagement Effectively?

How To Manage Candidate Engagement Effectively?

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Does your best talent keep dropping out of your hiring process? Or whether you are going through problems in your hiring process?

If yes, then it’s time for you to up your game and revamp your candidate engagement strategies.

Experts suggest that the best candidates are only available for 10 days in this competitive job market. Whereas, for a recruiter to reach out to candidates takes almost 22-24 days.

Hiring talent is a daunting task. You need to put in all the resources available to make sure that you hire the right fit and reach out to the right candidate.

If not done right, hiring can become an entangled web. To avoid this hassle you need constantly stay in touch with the candidates and have an effective candidate engagement strategy.

Now, let us understand candidate engagement, and why it matters. In this blog, we will also share some effective ways to manage candidate engagement.

What is Candidate Engagement?

Candidate engagement (CE) is the process of enhancing the interest level of the candidate throughout the hiring process. It helps in having consistent communication with the candidate and creates a level of excitement for the candidate to join the organization.

6 Proven ways for effective candidate management:

1. Make the candidates feel better about your brand.

Share testimonials of your potential candidates on social media platforms. Let them talk about your company and why it is a great place to work for. Actively engage with the candidates and make the process more interactive rather than a classical stereotype.

Taking special care of your candidate is a great way to increase engagement with your candidate and make them feel comfortable about the process and organization.

2. Nurture your network.

The size of the network matters a lot. The network’s bandwidth paves the way to emphasize and build a personality around the brand. This way, it attracts and creates a funnel to streamline the candidates to engage effectively with the recruiter. 

3. Follow-up with candidates.

Recent statistics from Talent Board states that  52% of candidates are more likely to recommend friends to the same company, reapply after a period of time, or even become buyers of the company’s service/product in the future. 

All of the above-mentioned cases are only possible if they are satisfied with the recruiter’s quick follow-ups and feedback. So what you as a recruiter should ideally do is connect with the candidate and let them know your feedback. Explain in-depth the factors that have impacted the decision-making.

4. Easy to apply.

Make the application procedure simple and quick. If you have a great rapport with the candidate, and your application portal is tough to use, then potentially you are going to lose the candidate. 

Candidates prefer smooth and easy hiring procedures. Without fixing this bottleneck, you are going to end up with mediocre candidates.

5. Make use of chatbots.

Candidates may have multiple questions about your brand, job role, functioning, the application process, or the hiring timeline. It’s a hammer on the egg if your company is hiring in bulk. You can’t be personally involved and address all their questions. 

Chatbots could be handy in boosting your candidate engagement. It prevents you from losing candidates by answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

6. Opt for an effective pre-selection process.

As fourth mentioned, bulk hiring can be daunting and take a toll on recruiters. It’s quite impossible to engage with every candidate and screen them. If you proceed, you may have the risk of overlooking qualified candidates. In order to keep the process moving and select the right candidates, you need to opt for the pre-selection process.

Create an online assessment form to make the candidates learn more about your organization and, parallelly, it also provides you with valuable data about the candidate.

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